Guinness Storehouse Dublin

Guinness Storehouse Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse at St James’s Gate Brewery is Dublin’s and Ireland’s biggest tourist attraction with over 1.9 million visitors passing through its doors in 2019, and over twenty million visitors since it opened in 2000.

The Storehouse covers seven floors surrounding a glass atrium shaped in the form of a pint of Guinness. At the base of the atrium lies a copy of the 9,000-year lease on the brewery site signed by Arthur Guinness. The ground floor introduces the beer’s four ingredients (water, barley, hops, and yeast), and the brewery’s founder, Arthur Guinness.

Other floors feature the history of Guinness advertising and include an interactive exhibit on responsible drinking. In the Perfect Pint bar, visitors may pour their own pint of Guinness and even get their selfie printed on top of a pint. The Brewery Bar on the fifth floor offers Irish cuisine, using Guinness both in the cooking and as an accompaniment to food.

The seventh-floor houses the Gravity Bar with spectacular views of Dublin and where visitors may drink a pint of Guinness included in the price of admission.

Its history

The building in which the Storehouse is located was constructed in 1902 as a fermentation plant for the St. James’s Gate Brewery (yeast is added to the brew). The building was used continuously as the fermentation plant of the Brewery until its closure in 1988 when a new fermentation plant was completed near the River Liffey.

In 1997, the building was converted into the Guinness Storehouse, replacing the Guinness Hop Store as the Brewery’s visitor centre. The Guinness Storehouse explains the history of Beer. The story is told through various interactive exhibition areas including ingredients, brewing, transport, cooperage, advertising, and sponsorship.

Getting there

The Guinness Storehouse is located at the back of St James’s Gate Brewery, where you are invited to join the Official Guinness Brewery Tour, exploring the past, present and future of St. James’s Gate. You are invited to come ‘Behind the Gates’ of the historic St. James’s Gate Brewery for the ultimate 3-hour Guinness experience. What better way to make your visit to Dublin than with the tour of a lifetime?

Official site: Guinness Storehouse

Famous visitors

Queen Elizabeth II in Dublin
Queen Elizabeth II in Dublin (2011)
President Obama
U.S. President Obama visiting the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin (2011)

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