national museum dublin

National Museum Dublin

The National Museum of Ireland consists of three exhibitions in Dublin and one in County Mayo.

The Dublin exhibitions:

1. The National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts and History. It was opened in 1997. It has a strong emphasis on national and some international archaeology, Irish history, Irish art, culture, and natural history.

It is located at Collins Barracks, Dublin 7. (Free Admission)

2. The National Museum of Ireland – Natural History. It was established in 1856. Its highlights include exploring the museum’s large collections of specimens from countless species, fossils, and dioramas.

It is located at Merrion Street, Dublin 2 (Free Admission)

3. The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. It exhibits Ireland’s Gold, Medieval Ireland, and Prehistoric Ireland.

It is located at Kildare Street, Dublin 2 (Free Admission)

The County Mayo Exhibition:

The National Museum of Ireland – Country Life

It is located at Turlough Park, Castlebar, County Mayo (Free Admission)

The National Museum of Ireland has a collection size of almost 4,000,000 items and had 1.3 million visitors in 2016.

Official site: National Museum

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