National Gallery Dublin

National Gallery Dublin

The National Gallery of Ireland houses the national collection of Irish and European art. It is located in the centre of Dublin, close to St Stephen’s Green, with one entrance on Merrion Square, beside Leinster House, and another on Clare Street.

The Gallery was founded in 1854 and opened its doors ten years later. It was not founded around an existing collection but has received many famous collections of paintings, sculptures, and artworks over time. These include collections from Russborough House in 1897, Hugh Lane (who was a director from 1914 to 1915), Chester Beatty, and Alfred Beit.

The Gallery has a collection of about 14,000 artworks from world-famous artists, including about 2,500 oil paintings, 5,000 drawings, 5,000 prints, and some sculptures, furniture, and other works of art.

It has an extensive, representative collection of Irish paintings and is also notable for its Italian Baroque and Dutch masters’ paintings (Wikipedia).

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